Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Experience transformative EMDR therapy in Denver, Colorado, tailored through personalized one-on-one sessions to foster personal growth and emotional well-being.

What Is EMDR?

EMDR therapy is a journey where you and your therapist collaborate to address your healing goals. Sometimes, you might have a clear idea of these goals, eager to tackle them directly. At other times, the goals might not be as clear, manifesting instead as symptoms you wish to alleviate or aspects of your life you’re hoping to improve—and that’s perfectly fine. In EMDR therapy, we begin wherever you feel most comfortable, guiding you through the process of healing from past experiences that continue to influence your present. We’ll equip you with strategies to independently manage your mental health challenges. EMDR therapy is shaped by your needs and aspirations, offering a non-judgmental space, fostering authenticity, presenting challenges, and supplying the necessary tools to help you evolve into the person you desire to be.

We charge $165 per 50 minute session. We believe financial circumstances should never inhibit a person’s ability to receive therapeutic services. Therefore, we also see clients with a reduced fee arrangement in place. These sessions range in price depending on what a client can afford and are renewed on a quarterly basis or when your financial circumstances change. Financial stress is hard, reach out to me and let’s talk about what works for you!

Is EMDR Therapy Right For You?

EMDR therapy can be immensely valuable tool for those seeking to improve their emotional well-being and overcome various challenges. If you are wondering if EMDR therapy is the right fit for you, consider the following:

  • Individuals experiencing persistent anxiety, depression, or PTSD symptoms, seeking effective methods to process and manage these emotions.
  • People with unresolved trauma from their past, looking for a therapy that can help them heal and move forward.
  • Those who feel stuck in certain patterns of behavior or thought that negatively impact their daily life and relationships.
  • Individuals seeking to improve their emotional resilience and coping mechanisms in response to stress and life challenges.
  • People who have tried traditional talk therapy but are looking for a different approach that can offer new pathways to healing.
  • Anyone ready to engage in a transformative therapeutic process that focuses on emotional processing and reconsolidation to foster personal growth and well-being.

How We Can Help You

Wellness is not a destination, it’s a journey. Our team is happy to assist you through individuals, couples, groups and family therapy. Our “whole-person” approach to wellness takes into consideration of your wellbeing including mental health, environment, physical health and more.

What Are The Benefits of EMDR in Individual Therapy?

  • Rapid Relief from Emotional Distress: EMDR therapy can provide quicker relief from emotional pain and trauma-related symptoms compared to traditional therapy methods, facilitating faster healing and recovery.
  • Deep Processing of Trauma: EMDR enables individuals to process deeply rooted traumas safely and effectively, helping to reduce the emotional impact of past experiences on current life.
  • Minimized Verbal Disclosure: Unlike traditional talk therapies, EMDR doesn’t require extensive discussion of traumatic events, making it suitable for individuals who find it difficult to verbalize their experiences.
  • Enhancement of Emotional Resilience: Through EMDR therapy, individuals can develop stronger coping mechanisms, improving their ability to handle stress, anxiety, and future challenges.
  • Reduction in PTSD Symptoms: EMDR is especially effective in reducing symptoms of PTSD, including flashbacks, nightmares, and hyperarousal, helping individuals lead more balanced and less disruptive lives.
  • Personal Growth and Empowerment: EMDR therapy supports personal growth by empowering individuals to overcome limitations imposed by past traumas, fostering a sense of strength, self-worth, and the ability to engage more fully in life.

Our clinicians are available and ready to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with diverse populations from children, teens, & adults in individual, couples, group, and family counseling. To see more about who we work with, click here.

We can meet in person at any our Denver office located conveniently in the Highlands area. Telehealth by SimplePractice is the technology service we will use to conduct telehealth videoconferencing appointments.

For telehealth, we will send an accessible link to your phone or email from Simple Practice. All you need to do is get comfortable in a safe space, click the link, and join for a video meeting.

To schedule a consultation you can simply click here and complete the form to secure a convenient consultation time.

We strive to meet the needs of our clients and have a variety of available therapists to ensure we can pair you with a therapist that can best support your desired goals.

We currently do not accept any insurances, however, we provide superbills for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Many of our clients go this route and it is easy to do.

Yes, we currently accept HSA (Health Savings Accounts). Please be sure to bring all relevant information for your HSA (card or documentation).

While payment is expected after each session by the client, Lola & Me Therapy will provide a superbill, which is a detailed receipt that you, the client, submits to get reimbursed from your insurance company. If approved, your insurance company will reimburse you directly since you will have already paid for the services.

We recommend calling your insurance company for more information on your out-of-network benefits, and deductibles.

Yes, we currently accept Crime Victims Compensation from Gilpin & Jefferson County. 

We offer 50-minute sessions with an optional 30-minute add-on for an additional fee. We recommend clients attend sessions a minimum of once a week to start. Depending on the nature of the client's needs, meeting twice a week is a possibility. Once you are progressing in therapy we can move to bi-weekly or monthly maintenance sessions.

We offer many types of Group Therapy & ESA Evaluations. Click each link to learn more.


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